• Investing in Teacher-Driven Training

    Highline is working hard to get all students at or above grade level by Grade 3. It's one of our big strategic goals. To get there, we are investing in our teachers and staff. Teachers collaborate, learn together, and share their expertise with each other.

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  • Partnering with Preschools Pays Off

    Students begin learning long before they enter kindergarten. A child's first learning experience happens at home, daycare, and preschool. Children who have high-quality early learning are much more likely to be successful in school. With that in mind, we are partnering with local early learning providers to help them get preschool-age students ready for kindergarten.

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  • Highline Issues Strong Statement of Support for All Students

    The Highline School Board is sending an unequivocal message of protection and reassurance to all students and families in the district. At its meeting Wednesday, January 19, the school board adopted a resolution that ensures all students feel safe, welcome, and respected at school.

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  • Ready, Set... Enroll Now for Kindergarten

    Do you know a child who will be five years old on or before August 31? The time to register for kindergarten started January 17. The first 500 families will receive two free tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo! Learn about other opportunities if you register now!

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  • Highline Takes First Step Toward New Schools & Safety Upgrades

    Highline voters approved the sale of $299 million in school construction bonds last November, and today the first set of bonds was sold. The $236.8 million proceeds will fund a majority of the school construction and improvement projects in the bond package.

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Our Promise

Our Promise encompasses our district’s mission and vision.
EVERY STUDENT in Highline Public Schools
is known by NAME, STRENGTH,
and NEED, and graduates ready for

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Dear Families,
Dr. Susan Enfield
We in Highline pride ourselves on the diversity of our community, believing that the rich cultures and languages of our students and families are not only an asset, but also an integral part of our shared identity and experience. As the Highline Community, we share in the commitment to engage in respectful, productive, and bipartisan civic engagement and communication in a safe and inclusive space.
Highline is committed to ensuring that our students feel safe, welcomed and respected at school. This means we will continue to intervene when we see or hear offensive, bigoted words and actions. We are committed to our promise of knowing each of our students by name, strength and need, as well as protecting, advocating for and valuing our students equally no matter their race, language or ethnicity. To support this work, our School Board recently passed the attached Resolution in support of serving each of our students in an equitable and inclusive environment.
Highline students are brilliant, beautiful and brimming with promise and we recognize that they need our protection, advocacy and reassurance now more than ever.

We are Highline--all of us. 
Susan Enfield, Ed.D.

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